Sunflower Survey​ Information

Sampling Procedure

A working group has determined the process which needs to be followed to ensure that the crop quality samples which are sent to the SAGL are representative of the total crop.

We would kindly like to request you to ensure that in future the following procedure is followed when submitting your crop quality samples to the SAGL. 

  • Each delivery should be sampled as per the grading regulations for grading purposes. 
  • After grading, the grading samples need to be placed in separate containers according to grade. 
  • After 80% of the expected harvest has been received, the silo should divide the content of each container with a multi slot divider in order to obtain a 3kg sample.  (This should be done for each grade separately).
  • If there’s more than one container per grade, the combined contents of the containers should be mixed thoroughly before dividing it with a multi slot divider to obtain the required 3kg sample. 
  • These samples need to be sent to the SAGL as soon as possible. 
  • Please mark the samples clearly with the Name of the Silo, bin number(s) represented by each individual sample and grade
  • Please package the samples in strong plastic bags and sturdy cardboard boxes and deliver or send the samples by means of a courier to:

Grain Building
477 Witherite Road
The Willows

  • Please use the following courier service for the sending of the samples:

Dawn Wing, Acc. No. PRY2317, Budget option, Tel. 012 423 8800


E-mail collection request to DLS Worldwide (Pty) Ltd

Contact: Justine Mathe / Elaine Hayward

E-mail: / 

  • Only one sample per grade per silo has to be sent to the SAGL. 

Your cooperation is much appreciated.