SAGL Operations During COVID-19 Lockdown


UPDATE 10/04/2020: Due to extended dates for national lock down, normal business operations will commence after this period.


In light of the Presidential announcement on the escalation of measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, considering the safety of the employees of the SAGL, we have implemented the following plan of action during this time:

 The SAGL will remain closed for normal business as implemented from Friday 27 March 2020.

Essential staff is available to receive samples and we evaluate the samples received on a daily basis in order to plan our laboratory activity accordingly. 

The turnaround times will be affected as we’re unable to have our full team operational due to the social distancing regulations implemented at the moment.

For urgent or essential analyses, to ensure that the supply of safe food is not negatively affected, the required staff will return to the laboratory.

The following email addresses will be monitored on a regular basis and you’re more than welcome to contact us to assist with your enquiry:

Division: Contact Person:
Customer Liaison Manager Beatrix de Witt
General Manager Wiana Louw
General Enquiries  



The Southern African Grain Laboratory is an accredited laboratory, established in 1997 as a reference laboratory on request of the South African Grain Industry. We measure, so that you know!

Quality overview of the 2020 maize crop

A total of 890 composite samples, representing white and yellow maize of each production region, were received and analysed to determine their quality. The samples consisted of 516 white and 374 yellow maize samples.