Farmer’s Weekly SA Interview With Wiana Louw: The Important Role of the SAGL

Denene Erasmus, the editor of Farmer’s Weekly, speaks to Wiana Louw, general manager of the Southern African Grain Laboratory (SAGL), about the important role of the SAGL and how the local wheat quality compares to imported wheat. They also talk about the research conducted by the SAGL to ensure good food quality and safety in terms of the grain products produced in South Africa.




The Southern African Grain Laboratory is an accredited laboratory, established in 1997 as a reference laboratory on request of the South African Grain Industry. We measure, so that you know!

The falling number test in the baking context

Although a large wheat crop is expected, there are reports of relatively poor quality in some production
regions because of heavy rains during the harvest period. The wet conditions can cause sprouted wheat
that can affect the falling number.

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